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We are the best Concrete Contractor in San Diego. We are your one stop shop for all of your commercial concrete and residential concrete projects. We serve all San Diego County areas in addition to other surrounding California cities. With our skills and expertise, we can help you transform your residence or business into something you only dreamed about. We can assist you with a brand new cement wall, balcony, or more. When you contact us, you can know that you are dealing with a reputable and credible company that gets the job done correctly the first time around.


Solid Green is the best Concrete Contractor in San Diego that has been in business for more than two decades.  We have the necessary licenses and permits to operate. We also adhere to all insurance requirements to cover any liability.  We employ experienced concrete supervisors and concrete finishers complete all work.  We have catered to numerous clients when it comes to their need for residential concrete or commercial concrete jobs. Over the years, we have gained the reputation for offering premium services at the most competitive prices.  We are the company San Diego calls on when their residence, business or company needs concrete work provided.

We take pride in only providing the highest quality concrete work, which is sure to exceed your expectations.  All employees undergo concrete safety training to minimize and avoid accidents occurring when we start your job.  We offer concrete repair work, concrete renovations, concrete demo and so much more.  We understand that when your concrete is not appealing to the eye or is breaking that it can be a headache. This is where we come in to solve all of your concrete and hardscape problems.

When we accept your job at the Solid Green, you can be confident knowing that we will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. We will alert you of our plan for your concrete project in addition to the strategies that we plan to utilize.  We only provide you the best service, so you have nothing to lose by doing business with us.  Call us today for your free concrete project estimate.

Concrete installation looks easy enough, but when it comes to your investment, trust an experienced concrete contractor to do the job right.

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Professional Concrete Installation
Professional Concrete Installation
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