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By installing a home solar power system, you can reduce your dependence on traditional utility companies, offsetting the majority (or entirety) of your monthly energy bills. Plus, it offers a tangible method to curb your environmental footprint, making for cleaner, healthier communities

San Diego enjoys over 263 days of sunshine every year, making it one of the perfect locations to install solar panels and harness the 100% clean, renewable energy of the sun. You could save as much as 50% or more on your energy bill each month with a PV (photovoltaic) system! That means your new solar power system will be paying for itself from the moment our solar panel installers turn your system on.

At Solid Green, our solar panel installation team have years of experience installing solar panels on all types of roofs on homes and businesses throughout San Diego county. Request an estimate today to see if solar power is a great fit for your San Diego home or business!

Solar power systems are designed to be extremely durable. Lasting 25 years or longer, they withstand the test of time and also extend the useful life of your roof (ask us how)! San Diego is one of the best locations in the country to install solar panels, and with the “Net Metering” program in California, you can utilize excess energy generated during the daytime to pay for your electrical usage at night.

Why Choose A Roofing Company for Solar Installation?

When considering solar power for your home or business, the condition of your existing roof is always a factor. Installing solar panels on an aging roof doesn’t make sense. For companies that only do solar power (not roofing) it is common for them to only repair or replace the section of the roof where the solar system will be installed. This doesn’t make sense – not only will your roof not be the same age, it will also leave gaps in (or void) your roof warranties.

At San Diego Roofing, we have been serving the San Diego community for over 80 years and look forward to 80 more. Our specialty is roofing, so we get the job right the first time around, and that includes making sure your roof is ready for solar. We will evaluate your roof and make recommendations for both solar AND your roofing. We are your lifetime company for your lifetime investment.

Somewhat counterintuitively, the majority of what determines a successful solar project has little to do with the installation itself. Before getting into how to install solar panels, there are a couple of nuances to note off the bat. First, installing solar panels requires thorough knowledge of solar technology, design and engineering.

In other words, the average person will likely want to avoid a DIY solar panel installation and leave the process to professional local installers. A properly designed PV system will provide far more savings on the backend than most DIY installations will save on the front.

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