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Front Yard Landscaping San Diego

Typically, people don’t hang out in their yards or invite visitors over to enjoy the weather. However, landscaping the front yard is a great method to increase the value of your home. Backyard landscaping often has the opposite goal of the front yard’s: to encourage social interaction and interaction with visitors.

Think about the following factors before considering whether or not your idea is worth funding:

First, the available square footage

The size of your front yard is the most important consideration when designing your ideal landscape. To access your home and park your car, you will likely need to use the yard.

Geographic features offered by front yard landscaping san diego

How flat, or slanted, is the grass in your front yard? Your front yard’s landscape will also be influenced by the topography there. If the land is perfectly level, for instance, you may need to incorporate a plan that allows water from rain or your car wash to drain into the municipal plumbing.

The amount of direct sunlight that reaches your front lawn

What sorts of plants and awnings you employ in your front yard will depend on how much direct sunlight hits that area of your property. If your lawn and other landscaping get a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day, you may want to plant a large tree in your front yard to provide some much-needed shade. If this isn’t an option, consider building a pergola or awnings to provide adequate shade.

Plants & Trees, Herbaceous and Woody, to Choose From

The trees and plants you select for your front yard are just as important as the other three factors we’ve just covered. Trees can either serve as a frame for your home or become the scene’s primary focal point, stealing the show from your residence. Make sure the trees you pick complement your house’s design. Keeping the front yard landscaping San Diego neat gives the impression of extra space and tidiness.

Fifthly, Lights

Lighting the walkways and landscaping in your front yard is a must. The front yard lighting has a dual purpose: first, to show off the yard’s aesthetics after the sun goes down, and second, to keep your family and friends safe.

Remember that your front yard landscaping’s dual function is to boost curb appeal and provide a welcoming entryway for you and your guests.

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