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New Roof in San Diego

Tips to install a new roof over the existing one

You’ve determined that you require new roofing, and you’re considering whether or not to attempt cost savings by having the new roofing installed over the existing layer of roofing. In many areas, this method is standard practice, and many roofers don’t perceive any problems with employing it. Lay-overs and go-overs are other names for this strategy, and they have no trouble attempting to sell homeowners on them.


Here are the most important arguments against using a lay-over or go-over when replacing your roof:

It’s likely that any bad timber lurking beneath the current roof is only going to get worse

Under the old roof, rotting timber may be concealed in some areas. Identifying and fixing or replacing these rotten areas is necessary before a new roof can be constructed. Naturally, these rotten spots will continue to be covered up and will only get worse with time if your New Roof in San Deigo contractor is only completing a lay-over roofing job.

The eaves, rakes, and valleys require extra attention : New roof in San Deigo

Incredibly, this is a central issue. The roofer working on your house must pay special attention to the eaves, rakes, and valleys. In order to properly finish a new roof, the roofing contractor must install brand new aluminium drip-edge around the entire roof’s perimeter.

Worsening the load on deteriorating rafters is not a good idea

One of the most glaring disadvantages of a lay-over re-roof is the added weight that comes from the additional layer of shingles. Most recently constructed homes don’t have this issue, but many older homes do since they have rafters that are too small for modern framing standards.

Roofing’s shortened lifespan forecast

Most professional roofers agree that a new roof’s lifespan might be cut by as much as a quarter if it is installed as a lay-over. Even if you had done a lay-over instead of removing the old roof and installing the new one, you would have still spent more money in the long run.

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